An in-depth examination of the extensive parallels between the fictional race of elves in BioWare’s Dragon Age franchise, and real life Indigenous peoples.


The CBC/Netflix period drama Anne with an E has been cancelled after the introduction of an Indigenous storyline, featuring a Mi’kmaw family living outside the fictional P.E.I. community of Avonlea.

[Warning: minor/vague spoilers for Anne with an E]

Kiawenti:io Tarbell, Brandon Oakes, Dana Jeffry and Lucas Jade Zumann as Ka’kwet, Aluk, Oqwatnuk and Gilbert in Anne with an E.

I started watching Anne with an E — colloquially known simply as Anne — after being informed the show was adding Mi’kmaw characters to cast in the third season. The knowledge I had going in was limited to “that’s the show based on Anne of Green Gables.” The one and only reason I started watching was because as a Mi’kmaw person, I had never in my life seen my people on a mainstream television show before. …


An Oversensitive™ biracial lesbian from Mi'kma'ki.

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